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Laboratory Equipments


Leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Ambala, our product range includes Laboratory Equipments such as Orsat Gas Analyzer, Round Bottom Flask Two Neck, Quartz Crucibles, Rubber Stopper, Wall Thermometer, Wet and Dry Thermometer and many more items.

Orsat Gas Analyzer


We bring forth Orsat Gas Analyzer that have the apparatus case manufactured from wood and the apparatus from glass and metal. The analyzers consist of a graduated glass burette and three absorption pipettes that are fitted to each other with three way gas stopcocks. These gas analyzers can handle extreme pressure and come with finger guards.


  • Material: Wood & Metal
  • Specified gases: CO, O2, Co2

Round Bottom Flask Two Neck


We present Round Bottom Flask Two Neck, which is made up of borosilicate glass and thus offer supreme heat resistance. These round bottom flasks can be availed in many sizes, with the size usually inscribed on the glass surface. These flasks are widely used in heating or boiling of liquids and offer great resistance to fracturing under vacuum.


  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Capacity(ml) :10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000
  • Temperature: 1000oC

Quartz Crucibles


We bring forth Quartz Crucibles that are manufactured from quartz gel and powder. These crucibles come with bubble free inner layer and are made available in different sizes. Having high purity, strong heat resistance and good insulation, these crucibles are one of the popular essentials of modern laboratory processes.


  • Capacity: 5-2500ml
  • High purity: Sio2>99.99%
  • Bubble-free inner layer
  • Material: Quartz

Rubber Stopper


We offer sturdy Rubber Stopper, which is used in laboratories for flasks and test tubes. They fit tightly to the test tubes and flasks, and avoid any form of chemical leaks. Cork borers can be used to drill holes in these stoppers as per the requirements. Made available in different sizes and diameters, these rubber stoppers can be used for small, large and extra large test tubes.


  • Diameter 18.8 mm
  • Thickness: 3.3 mm
  • Neck: 13.2 mm
  • Height: 8.8 mm

Wall Thermometer


We present Wall Thermometer that show temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and can be used inside and outside the room. The base of these thermometers is made up of plastic or wood and they can be availed in various sizes as per the requirements. Designed to ensure that the rooms are kept at just the right temperatures, these wall thermometers are highly accurate and reliable in nature.


  • Temperature range: 30-50 C
  • Humidity range: 0 to 100%
  • Accuracy: +/-1 C
  • Hygrometer: +/-5%
  • Resolution: 1 C/2%

Wet and Dry Thermometer


We present Wet and Dry Thermometer that comes with plastic base and wet and dry bulbs. These thermometers are highly beneficial in determining the humidity by the reading of two thermometers. The wet bulb kept ventilated and moist to measure humidity and the dry bulb is used to measure the temperature. These thermometers are light weighted and widely used in laboratories.


  • Range: 10~50C/20~120F
  • Humidity: 0~100%
  • Accuracy: +/-1C; +/-5%

Butyrometer for Milk Testing



  • Material: Glass
  • Flat Scale: 10.75 ML. 0-10%

HPLC Vials with Septa



  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 4 ml-10 ml
  • Neck type: Screw thread

Iodine Flask



  • Material: Quartz glass
  • Capacity (ml): 5,10,25,50,100,150,250,500,1000,2000,3000, 5000
  • Height (mm): 50,55,70,90,105,120,130

Circular Balance


Item Code :  1567

Circular spring balance available in white dial & brass dial with 15. 2 cm. Dial ( acrylic glass cover). These are ideal for use in farms plantation, stores, fatories, school, collages, hospital, nursing home, halth center milk collection center, gas agencies, railways, defence stores & general shop.
20 kg
50 kg
100 kg

Circular Balance Aluminium Metal Body


Item Code :  1657

Aluminum Die Cast Body Metal Dial Size 15.2 Cm Transparent Glass
20 kg
50 kg
100 kg

Spring Balance Tubular


We hold specialization in manufacturing and supplying premium quality of Acrylic Tubular. Each range is colour coded for easy identification. The balance can be used for both force and mass measurements. Spring action is clearly visible and zero adjustment is provided. Total length 250mm. These are widely acclaimed in the market for their dimensional accuracy, reliable performance, low maintenance and durability. 

Capacity Division
250g/ 2.5N 5g/0.25N
500g/ 5N 10g/0.50N
-1000g/10N 20g/1.0N
2000g/20N 40g/2.0N
3000g/30N 60g/3.0N
5000g/50N 100g/5.0N

Van De Graff Generator


Offering Van De Graff Generator : - Van De Graff Generator motor driven : Specially designed for electrostatic experiments and where continuous source of high voltage is required. Fitted on base with smooth running A.C. Motor, operates on 220 volts A.C. 50 Hz. * Specifications : Charge collecting : Silicon rubber having excellent Belt : Insulation resistance. Tracking : Belt-tracking easily adjusted. Charge collecting combs: Aluminum mesh, clearly visible. Spheres : Aluminum 150 mm. dia Connections : 4 mm sockets in dome and base. Voltage developed; Upto 200 KV, depending on ambient conditions, with a spark length of 60mm. Discharger : Spherical 100mm dia., with insulated handle and 4mm sockets.

Kelvin Bridge


Item Code :  3465

Industrial Kelvin Bridge  

This Kelvin Bridge has been designed for use of cable and wire manufactures whose products are called upon to meet very close specification in resistance per unit length. It is compact robust and simple in operation, yet enable measurements to be carried out with highest attainable precision Standard resistance and side wire are made of covered wire and properly aged. The maximum permissible current 10 amps. All coils are calibrated on Imported Testing Bridge

Kata thermometer


A device consisting principally of an alcohol thermometer, used to measure air cooling power and, indirectly, small wind speeds in circulating air, by measuring the time taken for the temperature of the bulb of alcohol to make a specified drop (100° to 95°F)

Double Slit


Double slit for use in physics lab in optical bench experiments.

Slotted Masses With Hanger


Slotted masses with hanger  Iron Nickel plated or Brass or Brass mickel plated.

100 gms set , 20 gm hanger, 3 masses

of 20 gms, 1 0f 10 gms,and 2 of 5 gms

250 gms set: 50 gms hanger 9 masses of 20 gms,

1 0f 10 fms,2 of 50gms

500 gms set: 50 gms hanger, 9 masses of 50 each

1000gms, 2500gms, 5000 gms as per buyers requirements.

Inclined Plane


Inclined plane.
For determination of the coefficient of kinematic & static friction, mechanical advantage & efficiency of an inclined plane etc. 
It is made of a polished hardwood board hinged at one end to wooden base board. A plastic pulley 38mm in U-bracket is mounted on the other end of inclined plane which supports mass which is suspended from the thread with other end tied to the object under observation. The index pointer fixed to the inclined surface moves along the arc scale graduated 0-45º×1º fitted to the baseboard & gives its angle of inclination. 2 wooden block sliders for friction study, 1 metal roller in bracket with hook & one weight pan with lightweight cord for suspension. 

Melde's String Apparatus


Approx. Rs 2,500 / Piece(s)



To determine the frequency of an electrically maintained tuning fork  by,

1. Transverse mode of vibration

2. Longitudinal mode of vibration




Electrically maintained tuning fork, fine thread, scale pan, weights and metre scale.

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity:2 Piece(s)

Young Double Slit


Approx. Rs 950 / Piece(s)

Young double slit for physics lab experiments.

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity:6 Piece(s)

Magnetic Force App


Approx. Rs 900 / Piece(s)

We offer Magnetic force app for demonstrtaion in physics lab

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity:6 Piece(s)

Dynamic Trolley Wooden


Approx. Rs 600 / Piece(s)

For Exploring The Newton's Motion, The Concept Of Conservation Momentum, And Elastic­inelastic Collision Of Objects In One-Dimension. Comprises A Pair Of Wooden Trolleys, Each Carried Upon Three Wheels With Ball Bearings To Minimize Friction And A Spring Loaded Exploder Plunger With 2 Levels Of Spring Compression, Which Is Activated By A Trigger Knob On Top Of The Trolley. A Tough Laminated Surface Mounted On Each Trolley Enables Placing Of Additional Masses For Increasing The Effective Weight Of The Trolley. Velcro Pasted At The Back End Of Each Trolley Enable The Study Of Inelastic Collisions.

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity:6 Piece(s)

Induced Current App


Approx. Rs 500 / Piece(s)

We offer induced current app for use in labs.
It has the bulb in secondary and make and break arrangement in primary to show the phenomenon of self and mutual induction and principle of induction coil, workable on 6 volts.

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity:6 Piece(s)